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  1. 3 years ago
    Mon Dec 9 15:47:59 2019
    taiheta started the conversation Gradient Inverted.

    Gradient is inverted for emulator test compared to device on creoplayer

  2. Fri Dec 6 14:37:09 2019

    Thanks I went for line shape already. The platform I was working with before appreciated less "elements" where possible but that was node.js, this is my first time working with native apps.

  3. Fri Dec 6 11:11:27 2019
    taiheta posted in Slack invite.

    Thank you

  4. Fri Dec 6 10:56:01 2019

    Hi @andrea, in border-width of custom view I would like to add just bottom but can't seem to find how this is defined, could make the input accept something like:


  5. Fri Dec 6 10:07:46 2019
    taiheta started the conversation Slack invite.

    Hello, is your slack team active? If so, may I have an invite please, your current link:

    This invite link is no longer active.

  6. Thu Dec 5 16:47:03 2019
    taiheta posted in HTTP Client redirect URI.

    Hi, i'm having problem connecting to snapchat. I get "Invalid redirect_uri." response when testing.
    Is this correct: com.creolabs.creo://oauth2Callback https://puu.sh/EM7Mq.png

  7. Wed Dec 4 10:33:24 2019
    taiheta joined the forum.