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    Fri Oct 21 07:41:53 2016

    @marco Will do.

  2. Fri Oct 21 07:07:27 2016

    @marco I mean repetitive crashes. Drag an element: crash. Click an element: crash. Restart the app. dragging another element: crash. etc.

  3. Fri Oct 21 06:55:08 2016

    Hi @marco
    Reproducing is no problem. Get loads of 'em. Haven't reported it yet though. That's because I'm using macOS Sierra 10.12.1 beta 5. Can it be a caching problem?

  4. Thu Oct 20 20:51:32 2016
    Ton started the conversation Dragging layout-elements seem crashy.

    Dragging navigations and tabbars in layout view seem very crashy. Doesn't seem to be related to pre b5 projects, happens with new projects as well.

  5. Wed Feb 24 19:48:18 2016
    Ton posted in Creo beta 1.0b3.

    Love to dig in, but the auto updater doesn't work. Keeps telling me b2 is the latest....

  6. Mon Feb 15 13:32:17 2016

    Thanks Marco. Good to know it's not an error on my side. I'll wait for the fix.

  7. Mon Feb 15 13:08:40 2016
    Ton started the conversation Navigation bar and tabbar.

    I've got an app with a navigation bar and a tab bar. The app loads the first tab bar item (which is defined as the startup window). It shows the navigation bar on top but it hides the tabbar items, so I can't navigate to another page via the tabs. Is that a bug or is the layout incorrect? The navigation bar is the main item with the tabs in the sublevel...

  8. Mon Feb 15 12:49:04 2016
    Ton posted in Adding a feed.

    Thanks Marco!

  9. Mon Feb 8 21:45:07 2016
    Ton started the conversation Adding a feed.

    Is it possible to add a feed to a tabbar item? I want to add a graphic, a title and short text obtained from a feed in a custom table view, that, when clicked, leads to a detailpage.

  10. Wed Jan 20 08:30:17 2016
    Ton started the conversation Future pricing.

    What a great new app development tool! Loving it so far. Got one question though, before I plunge-in and create a new app: can you say what the price or the pricing model will be?

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