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    Tue Oct 18 02:31:20 2016
    Kwint posted in Beta 5 when??.

    @marco @andy

    It is next Tuesday! :)

  2. 4 years ago
    Fri Apr 1 23:51:52 2016

    I've been asking for the same question for a while. I think for now it is not possible.

    My post

  3. Fri Mar 11 12:19:24 2016
    Kwint posted in POST Method and actual Data.

    Anybody here ?

  4. Tue Mar 8 07:07:25 2016
    Kwint posted in POST Method and actual Data.

    Hey guysm,

    Any feedback ? @andrea

  5. Sun Mar 6 12:40:35 2016
    Kwint posted in POST Method and actual Data.

    @marco @andrea
    Thanks for the reply, here is a sample project.

    Session Project

    SignIn request tested with actual data in the Request Editor. Works correctly.
    Trying to fill value with a form but really don't know how. Also, simulator keep crashing the App.

  6. Sat Mar 5 06:31:30 2016
    Kwint started the conversation POST Method and actual Data.

    Hey people !

    Can someone explain how to send username and password value to a HTTPS request and start the POST request with a button ?
    When editing the request and testing credentials I get positive answer from the server but I do not know how to actually do it from the UI.

    Also, at this point, the Creolabs keep crashing every time I start the Simulator.

    Thank You !

    P.S: We are starving for some documentation, video tutorials (with voice...) and the mobile iOS testing App...

  7. Tue Feb 9 11:28:22 2016
    Kwint posted in Code hints.

    Yeah, we really need some serious documentation in here.

  8. Thu Jan 28 01:21:44 2016
    Kwint started the conversation Updates Frequency.

    Hey guys,

    Love your product. So far the B1 is very very buggy. Which is totally understandable.
    Do you think you could consider releasing updates more often ? Instead of waiting for majors updates, regular bux fixes would be nice. Also help to give the feeling of some activity on your side :)

    CHeers !

  9. Sat Jan 23 04:35:04 2016
    Kwint posted in iOS developer perspective.

    Hey guys,

    Same questions.
    What is the final work like ?
    What is the final result ? Objective C ? Swift ?
    Can I open the final project with Xcode for optimization ?
    Is it a real native App or some wrapper ?
    How to handle AppStore submission ? Are you 100% sure it will be validated since not produce by Xcode ?

    Please answers these questions as they are making all the difference.

    Thank you.

  10. Sat Jan 23 04:30:15 2016
    Kwint joined the forum.