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    Wed Mar 15 12:59:08 2017
    sandor started the conversation Any News?.

    Hey Guys,

    any news on the Xcode Exporter? Have to do a little iOS project the next weeks – would be an ideal opportunity for me to try to build it with creo... ;-)


  2. 5 years ago
    Thu Jun 9 09:42:56 2016

    Great! @marco ! That not exposed property was waht I was searching for (i had a look at the WebView component before)... Can't wait to see your b5 guys!

  3. Fri Jun 3 09:20:23 2016
    sandor started the conversation HTML / Rich text in text field.

    hey guys,

    just playing around with creo. Connected a Word-Press site via JSON-API. Working like a charme – the easiest way i saw till now for doing such complicated things :-) Anyhow, i have two questions:

    – since i am getting a text with HTML formatting – how could i adjust the textfiled to display it properly (see the attachment)?
    – (asked also by someone else) – how would i link to a specific detail page from the list
    – is there an easy way to cashe the contents locally for offline use?


  4. Fri Jun 3 09:05:03 2016
    sandor posted in How pass id to a custom view.

    I would like to second the question - exactly what i was searching :-)


  5. Sat May 28 11:42:52 2016
    sandor posted in Sketch import.

    @marco – well, in an ideal world, you would be able to import an complete artboard with icons, graphics text layers and styles. Some of the iport/export plugins are doing such things (far as i know) by exporting an XML file with the assets. If this could be used to "convert" things like textfields etc. in native creo components, well it would ease up the life and give us designers a lot more possibilities. But maybe this would be a task for some visionary guys once you open up your plugin ecosystem...

    Keep up the good work!

  6. Sat May 28 10:22:06 2016
    sandor posted in Sketch import.

    Thanks Guys,

    any plans to support also the import of text fields etc (so not "only" graphics)?

  7. Tue May 24 14:47:26 2016
    sandor started the conversation Sketch import.

    First of: Guys I am deeply impressed by Creo! Excellent work!

    Could you please give a little advise how to use the imported skecth files? Saw the video on how to import them, but no clue on how to use them...


  8. Tue May 24 14:44:38 2016
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