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  1. 3 years ago
    Thu May 25 22:19:46 2017

    true and this is what I use as a workaround but it is hard if you are fiddling with fast animations

  2. Thu May 25 18:29:41 2017
    tbd started the conversation zoomable Animation timeline view.

    a zoomable Animation timeline view (using mouse wheel or keyboard shortcut) would help for animations that are shorter than 1.0 second as it is hard to select keyframes

  3. Thu May 25 15:03:32 2017
    tbd posted in Creo beta 1.0b6.

    yay. managed to run a compiled Creo project on my iPhone (had some problems with provisioning profile)

  4. 4 years ago
    Fri Oct 28 14:04:37 2016
    tbd posted in Creo beta 1.0b5.3.


  5. Fri Oct 28 13:51:43 2016
    tbd posted in Creo beta 1.0b5.3.

    [bug] flicker on PickerView when running (eg Francais appears after scroll ends)

  6. Fri Oct 28 13:39:48 2016
    tbd posted in Creo beta 1.0b5.3.

    not hiding smart guides onMouseUp is viewed as feature, not a bug (reported in b5.2) ?

  7. Thu Oct 20 11:25:43 2016
    tbd posted in Creo beta 1.0b5.2.

    [bug] the smart guides doesn't disappear on mouseup (as usual in other apps).

    [request] group objects – helps in positioning multiple objects faster
    [request] distribute objects

  8. Thu Oct 20 10:07:47 2016
    tbd posted in Creo beta 1.0b5.1.

    oops. even worse. dropping a webview on an empty project just crashes Creo :(

  9. Wed Oct 19 07:24:13 2016
    tbd posted in Beta 5 when??.

    @marco added a new bug report with project in the Bug Reporting section of the forum. hope it helps

  10. Wed Oct 19 07:23:28 2016
    tbd started the conversation [beta5.5131] hangup when modifying markdown.

    attached is the project that hangs Creo when modifying markdown text (eg adding ---)

    project was created via New Empty Project on welcome dialog

    OSX 10.11.4 El Capitan

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