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    Sat Dec 8 09:39:23 2018
    FrujitStudio posted in Problem with Application Loader..

    Ok. I'll wait. At least I know the problem has been fixed.
    Otherwise. What about plugins? Will they be in this update?

  2. Sat Dec 8 08:22:02 2018
    FrujitStudio started the conversation Problem with Application Loader..

    Hey. I want to send an app to App Store Connect to share it in TestFlight / App Store. I use the Application Loader for this but I have a problem. I have a problem like in a screenshot. Do you know how to fix it?

    I will add that everything else works fine in my other application.

  3. Thu Oct 4 14:26:05 2018

    Here a sample.

  4. Fri Sep 28 15:13:55 2018

    I have a home screen like this. I want the page to open after clicking the favicon (ImageView). I had the same problem with SearchBar. I asked for help here and I got the answer and adapted to it. The code given to me worked. I used it in SearchBar and ImageView. Initially it worked but now it does not work in ImageView. I can send a Creo project if I need to.

  5. Sun Sep 23 15:43:06 2018
    FrujitStudio started the conversation Problem with opening a Window in Navigation Bar.

    I have another problem related to the previous one. I used the code given to me in response to the previous entry and it worked, not everywhere. As in the Search Bar field, it works in ImageView, nothing works anymore. I will add that in ImageView I have enabled "Enable Interaction Events".

    Here's the code in ImageView:

    Window1.openIn (Navigation1, {
       Window1.View1.WebView1.url = "";

    Here's the code in SearchBar:
    var addres = SearchBar1.text
    if (addres.contains(".com") || addres.contains(".pl") || addres.contains(".org") || addres.contains(".edu") || addres.contains(".info") || addres.contains(".gov")) {
    	Window1.openIn(Navigation1, {
    		Window1.View1.WebView1.url = addres
    } else {
    	var result;
    	var list = addres.split(" ");
    	for (var next in list) {
    		result = result + "+" + next;
    	Window1.openIn(Navigation1, {
    		Window2.View1.WebView1.url = "" + result;
  6. Sun Sep 23 11:34:13 2018
    FrujitStudio posted in Creo 1.1.5.

    When plugins?

  7. Sat Sep 15 10:03:59 2018
    FrujitStudio posted in Problem with Window and WebView.

    Thanks! It works.

  8. Sat Sep 15 05:10:29 2018
    FrujitStudio started the conversation Problem with Window and WebView.

    I have a problem with trying to create a browser with the main screen and the screen on which the search page appears. I want to enter the window with the search page with the address entered after entering the address on the main screen. And here comes the problem. This is not happening. Here is the code to open the second window with the address:
    Window1.View1.WebView1.url = "" + result;
  9. Wed Jul 11 08:37:11 2018
    FrujitStudio started the conversation Speech recognition.

    Please, add support for speech recognition and change the text to speech built into the system. It could look like it is in the Objects tab, and it will be called and paused with a command whose input is a language and the speech will be recognized by the output.

  10. Wed Jul 11 08:04:27 2018
    FrujitStudio posted in Re-usable custom templates.

    Hmm. Good idea.

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