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    Sun May 13 13:17:49 2018
    henry_cho posted in Animation and object properties .

    @marco thank that's very helpful

  2. Sat May 12 11:07:09 2018
    henry_cho started the conversation Nested JSON in HTTPrequest.

    I'm sorry if this is obvious, I do appreciate the help you guys are giving.
    I need to pass through some JSON in the body of my HTTP Request.
    Something like this:
    "fields": {
    "small cup qty": 40

    Its not obvious to me how to post or patch nested values in the request editor as it seems to have just name value pairs and no free text mode?

    I've tried updating the request body using something like

    Airtable.Update.body= '{
    "fields": {
    "small cup qty": 40

    Any help would be appreciated.
    Thanks guys

  3. Sat May 12 09:14:09 2018
    henry_cho posted in Animation and object properties .

    Thank Marco, would you mind updating your earlier example to include one of those options. I'm a bit unclear of the syntax.
    Thank you

  4. Sat May 12 09:08:21 2018
    henry_cho posted in Airtable API connectivity.

    Hi @andrea, I have the same question.
    The issue with airtable's API is that it uses a the url structure to access a record rather than a query.
    eg.https://api.airtable.com/v0/app2qdjo13RWolJqT/simple%20consumption/recKCUodTOOlsRtMA \

    where recKCUodTOOlsRtMA identifies the record.
    Is there a way to dynamically rewrite the request URL ?
    Keeping in mind that the method you outlined above would create a URL like
    https://api.airtable.com/v0/app2qdjo13RWolJqT/simple%20consumption/?recKCUodTOOlsRtMA \

    Note the addition of the "?" in the URL.

    Could you use
    var host: String Hostname of the HTTP server ?

  5. Fri May 11 08:24:03 2018
    henry_cho posted in Creo beta 1.0b19.

    Keen to check it out!

  6. Thu May 10 12:25:45 2018
    henry_cho started the conversation Using data to populate a picker.

    I cant seem to work out how to populate the list of options within the picker element?
    I've tried making it a custom view and binding it to a response but it I cant see where the options are exposed as properties?

  7. Thu May 10 12:24:09 2018
    henry_cho posted in Animation and object properties .

    Thanks Marco, that really helped. Any update on the next version of the beta?
    In terms of the method:
    func animate(duration: Float, delay: Float, options: Int, closure: Closure, completion: Closure) Animate changes to one or more views using the specified duration, delay, options and completion handler
    I understand duration, delay and I think completion and closure.
    What are valid options?

  8. Mon Apr 30 21:16:07 2018
    henry_cho started the conversation Animation and object properties .

    Hi @marco ,
    Hope the new release is going well. I have two questions.
    1. Is it possible to directly set position .x ,position.y or width or height of an object outside of an animation.
    For example to create a progress bar?
    2. Can you use a variable in the animation controller. Eg to set scale.x to scale.x * progress
    Also when I run an animation it seems to complete and then return to the start state. Is there a way to have it stop on the last frame?
    Thanks for your help

  9. Sat Apr 28 23:38:43 2018

    @marco thanks for the help

  10. Sat Apr 28 12:43:34 2018
    henry_cho posted in Sending an image via http request.

    Thanks @andrea , it seems quite fragile. As soon as i change the start page back to my start page I start getting errors again.
    Will this be fixed in the next release?

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