Rounded Button with image

  1. 5 years ago

    Luiz D'Aniello

    8 Apr 2019 User since 2019

    Not sure if it's a bug, but if you create a button with a background image, and round the corners, the background image is not rounded.
    I attached an example with border width 1, and corner radius 10, so you could see

  2. andrea

    8 Apr 2019 Administrator User since 2016

    @Luiz D'Aniello,
    this is the default behavior of iOS buttons, you can get rounded corners for background image by setting the clipsToBounds property of the button to true. In the current release, this property can be configured only programmatically, but we will add the possibility to configure it in the IDE.

  3. Luiz D'Aniello

    9 Apr 2019 User since 2019

    Thanks @andrea

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