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    Fri Jun 16 09:51:48 2017

    @oliver@osswald.com you have the HTTPClient (where you set the host) and the Request (where you set the path on the host)

    on Request (I named it getjson) you have an event called NewValue that is called when the HTTPClient.Request is run (in my example from Window1.WillShow)

    for dharma.ch/myip you just have to change the host and path in HTTPClient and Request. and display the value instead of value['ip'] (as in my example the output is a JSON)

    hope it helps

  2. Fri Jun 16 07:46:39 2017

    here is a quick demo that gets your IP and displays on screen

  3. Tue Jun 6 14:10:54 2017
    tbd started the conversation support for iOS 11 ?.

    is there a roadmap for supporting iOS 11 ? especially Wireless Deployment (possible now via ios-deploy)

    also any plans on supporting existing Apple stuff (HomeKit, MusicKit, ...) ?

  4. Tue May 30 07:21:00 2017
    tbd posted in post build script.

    @marco in b7 how can see the PostBuild output/errors ? the build window disappears and cannot check why ios-deploy fails (trying to deploy via WiFi instead of USB, which works via command line)

  5. Tue May 30 04:39:35 2017
    tbd posted in Console.

    or Object:Function:LineNumber

    tip: click on error line to jump to exact line in code

  6. Fri May 26 18:02:15 2017
    tbd posted in Console.log and dir.

    on second thought, just to be able to delve in Gravity Maps in the Logs window – to allow "print" debugging until Creo support Debug mode.

  7. Fri May 26 13:14:03 2017
    tbd started the conversation Console.log and dir.

    and yet another request - Console.log and dir (a la Javascript) for debugging running code.
    I found about Console.write() before getting no output using System.print() (duh!)

  8. Fri May 26 12:47:09 2017
    tbd posted in post build script.


  9. Fri May 26 09:25:28 2017
    tbd posted in post build script.

    I think for start is enough. XCode list (http://help.apple.com/xcode/mac/8.0/#/itcaec37c2a6 ) it is waaaay biggger, but a lot of them are not applicable for Creo.

  10. Fri May 26 08:24:38 2017
    tbd started the conversation post build script.

    it would speed up a lot if we can have a post build script to be run after the Build is done.

    I am using ios-deploy command line tool and it is blazing fast (thanks for the tip in the Creo docs)

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