Extra Fonts

  1. last year


    31 Mar 2016 User since 2016

    Is there a way to add another font to the list of fonts in Creo?
    Adding a font in the Fonts folder on my Mac doesn't work.

  2. marco

    1 Apr 2016 Administrator User since 2016

    Hi @knarfje the ability to add custom fonts will be added in an upcoming beta version.

  3. 7 months ago


    1 Jun 2017 User since 2017
    Edited 7 months ago by jsharifi

    Any update on this @marco ? Clicking the plus icon in fonts doesn't seem to do anything though TTF's appear in assets when I upload them.

  4. 4 months ago


    Aug 25 Administrator User since 2016

    Hi @jsharifi custom fonts will be available in the next beta.

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