lets-cook-nav tutorial: exposed customview properties not accessible

  1. 4 years ago
    Edited 4 years ago by oliver@osswald.com

    I'm following the lets cook nav tutorial and it works fine up to step 26, where we expose the InfoView properties (cooking, difficulty, preparation).

    In the next step (27) we try to set these properties, but somehow not all of those properties are showing up. I deleted and recreated those properties, following the tutorial, but until now they show up only randomly.

    Sometimes preparation shows up for View1, sometimes cooking...

    I wonder whether I missed something or whether there is an error in the tutorial, or a bug in Creo?

    I recorded some of my trials here:

    And the tutorial project is here:

    Otherwise, I was able to build the project and install it on my iPhone using xCode. Very nice, I'm looking forward to learn more!

  2. marco

    10 Jun 2017 Administrator User since 2016

    Hi @oliver@osswald.com thanks a lot for the detailed feedback.
    It turns out it was a bug introduced in the latest b8 version (already fixed in our internal build).
    I sent you privately a link to an unofficial build that fixes the issue you reported.

  3. Thanks Marco! The built app works now as expected (using creo build5713).

    However, in the IDE I still notice an issue with code completion.

    It can be reproduced by using the "Lets Cook Nav" tutorial, step 27.

    		View1.preparation = rs.preparation_time;
    			View1.cooking = rs.cooking_time;
    			View1.difficulty = rs.difficulty;

    While the above code works, only one of the three exposed properties of InfoView are actually showing up.
    In my case, I can see "difficulty", but not the other two (See screenshot below).

    As mentioned, the built app then DOES SHOW the correct values, even so the properties do no appear in the code editor.


  4. marco

    11 Jun 2017 Administrator User since 2016

    It looks like an issue we need to fix in the autocompletion engine.
    Thanks a lot for the report!

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