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    19 Sep 2018 User since 2016

    Good morning ,
    I am running into problem with inconsistent results with the CameraRoll object . The code moves an image from a
    a CollectionView which is populated from a CameraRoll .

    CollectionView - DidSelectCell
    var collIndex = index;
    var callback = func (index) {
    if ( index == 0) {
    var alert = Alert("Image", "Do you want to select this image ?", ["Yes", "No"], callback);;
    imageRoll.hidden = true;

    CameraRoll- NewImage
    procedureimage.image = image;

    where procedureimage is an ImageView object.

    The Console shows a result for image in CameraRoll but null for procedureimage.image when it fails.
    Again this sometimes works but otherwise fails . This all after the window loads.
    Is it something to do with procedureimage initiation ?
    If you need the larger context I can send the project privately.

  2. Joel_Eisenstat

    19 Sep 2018 User since 2016

    Got it - Procedure.procedureimage where Procedure is the window

  3. Joel_Eisenstat

    19 Sep 2018 User since 2016

    in the end the ImageView object was corrupt and had to be deleted and replaced

  4. andrea

    19 Sep 2018 Administrator User since 2016

    do you already solve the issue or you still need some help?

  5. Joel_Eisenstat

    20 Sep 2018 User since 2016

    Thanks Andrea - deleting the object and replacing seems to have resolved the problem.
    Every so often an object seems to go corrupt ( usually inconsistent behaviour) and simply deleting /replacing is the fastest resolution.
    BTW I tried playing with the binding ( as you had on Slack ) a Postgres db with a LabelText and crashed Creo quite badly, almost had to reinstall the IDE. Never really understood the binding line from the query data preview to an object.

  6. andrea

    20 Sep 2018 Administrator User since 2016

    Thank you for the crash report, we are analyzing it.

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