Browser demo project doesn't work..

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    This is my first post. I just downloaded the trial - very excited.

    What I did first was created my own hello world app, and ran it in the IDE and it worked the way I wanted. ( click a button, set a label to "hello" ).. very basic.

    I exported the project, and ran it in Xcode Version 10.2.1 (10E1001) and it compiled ok, opened the simulator and the app loaded. when I clicked the button, nothing happened. No errors in the console either.

    So I assumed I did something wrong, after all, I've got about 1 minutes worth of experience with Creo lol.

    I found the browser demo - I read the tutorial , downloaded the demo and ran it in Creo. Worked fine. I exported the project, ran it with the same results as my own hello app. (I entered a URL, but the "go" button doesn't do anything, same as my own test app.)

    What did I do wrong?

    The tutorial doesn't show any Xcode steps, only running the app in the Creo IDE.

    I've attached the browser project I downloaded from the Creo website and also my own Hello app..

  2. andrea

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    Hi @HopkinWatson,
    as stated in the documentation of the Exporter :

    With this first exporter, Creo can export a Swift project where all views and windows are in it. Logic is not exported yet, just the view hierarchies

    You can compile your project directly within Creo, without the need to use Xcode, and send the built App to a real device or submit it to the App Store. The Exporter is recently added feature and it will be improved over time.

  3. HopkinWatson

    24 May 2019 User since 2019

    thank you. there's a lot to learn here. I really like this project so far. Some other tools I've used export to Xcode and you build in there etc. I mistakenly assumed Creo worked the same way. I have the CreoPlayer and that works for now.
    thanks very much :)

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