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    14 Sep 2019 User since 2016

    Good morning,
    I have a custom view ( screenshot ) with exposed properties. It loads in the Detail window of PageSplit but not in subsequent windows with the same View setup and code . An error of <Runtime Error Unable to find lastnameLabel into class _View1>
    The code :
    var sql = 'SELECT * FROM "CRM_Pat" WHERE "id" = \(identifier)';
    var rs =;

    View1.lastnameLabel = rs.lastname ;
    View1.firstnamelabel = rs.firstname ;
    View1.patid= ;
    View1.patientimage = rs.pat_image ;

    It did seem to work in previous Creo versions.
    Any direction is appreciated .

  2. Joel_Eisenstat

    14 Sep 2019 User since 2016

    Got it , corruption of the variables seemed to be the issue ( even though the spelling was correct) , removed , reloaded and it works .

  3. Joel_Eisenstat

    15 Sep 2019 User since 2016

    Just a guess but may have to do with copy/paste of projects , there is an issue with datasets and var in custom views may be effected as well

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