openModal(), open() etc.

  1. 4 years ago


    13 Oct 2019 User since 2018


    Before the new deployment process of CreoPlayer, I used openModal(mode) to open a new page. But now, no matter what I use (openIn(), open(), openModal() etc.), the new page will appear as a "card" on top of the previous window.

    Even worse, the new window does not answer any of the gestures even though that worked previously.


  2. andrea

    14 Oct 2019 Administrator User since 2016

    Hi @ingurgite,
    The issue appeared because Apple changed the default modal presentation style on iOS 13 from fullscreen to automatic. We will update Creo to reflect this change. By the way, as a workaround, you can fix your project to the previous behavior by changing the value of that property for the presented Window to a different value and then back to the `Fullscreen` value: this will force your Window to use the Fullscreen mode instead of the default behavior.

  3. ingurgite

    14 Oct 2019 User since 2018

    It fixed it indeed. Thanks @andrea.

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