Unable to show controls panel

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    31 Dec 2019 User since 2018


    I have the newest Creo version (Creo 2.3.2) and I have a problem, that I'm unable to access controls panel. Just after updating to 2.3.2 I could use ⌘6 keystroke or button marked on the screenshot. Now both methods don't work, so I can't access control panels. How can I fix this?

    Wiktor Wójcik

  2. marco

    1 Jan 2020 Administrator User since 2016
    Edited 4 years ago by marco

    Hi @FrujitStudio so pressing the toggle button or pressing ⌘6 keystroke again does not work?
    Does the issue occurs in one project only or in all projects?

  3. FrujitStudio

    1 Jan 2020 User since 2018
    Edited 4 years ago by FrujitStudio

    I have just solved the issue. I have turned Creo into fullscreen and pressed ⌘6 keystroke, controls panel has shown. I have don't think that I should try it on fullscreen.

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